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15 Jul

A Quick Solution to Major Plumbing Needs

Clogged Drains, Leaking Pipes and Blocked Sinks are definitely a mundane – an unpleasant experience, especially if you face these issues after a long enjoyable tour. Plumbing needs is one of those annoying experiences that you can’t avoid. All you have to do is a problem fixing until the condition became worse.

Last month, upon my return from a 6-month Europe trip in the early morning I experienced several major problems with my plumbing. My drains were blocked, I had sand in all my taps, my hot water tank was cracked and I had no hot water. Even water was leaking everywhere.

Emergency Plumber Greater London

Imagine you’re tired and standing on a dirty, watery floor with your luggage. What would you do? Without thinking twice, I immediately called some local plumbing professionals. But to my dismay, no one picked up my call because it was six in the morning. Surprisingly, the same time my neighbor Mrs. Shein passed the door. She was on her regular walk and after having a look at my problem advised me to contact Holy Plumbers which she thinks the only trustable 24*7 emergency plumbing service providers in the town.  As I wanted it done as soon as possible so I asked her to send the number of Holy Plumbers. However, I called and asked the assistance team member to send their best plumbers at the earliest.

Amazingly, the plumber that was sent arrived on time and did a great job. Also, the person was very professional, knowledgeable and easy to talk to. He gave me an estimate right away for each major plumbing problem and fixed each problem on the same day ahead of the time at a fair price. After a few hours, I enjoyed nice hot water and clear drains.

I am very happy with the services of Holy plumbers and definitely consider them as the best plumbers in Greater London and its surrounding areas for emergency plumbing needs.

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