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14 May

Clogged Kitchen Sink Emergency Plumbing

Has your kitchen sink ever clogged? Have you ever spent your most precious time in clearing drain pipe? Sadly speaking, but YES it happens to me. For me, clogged drains are like uninvited guests that can wreck your perfectly good evening in front of the tube.

Last Saturday, around 8:00 pm, when I was about to finish washing the dishes, my kitchen sink drain started making gurgling noises. I observed something weird with the pipe but ignored and continued to wash pending utensils. The most irritating moment occurred when I saw that the kitchen sink was full of water and drain pipe had blocked. At that time, I was completely blank about which product to use in order to correct this problem. However, I asked my husband to call our regular plumbing company so that they can come fast and fix it as soon as possible.

Unluckily, it was a Saturday night and as expected many plumbers were not available along with those whom we phoned. So, we decided to try DIY tricks to eradicate the problem to some amount. But the blockage was major, nothing worked and everything failed.

When no option was left except wait for Monday morning, me and my husband went to sleep. I remember vividly it was 11:30 pm when Holy Plumbers ad appeared on my Facebook profile. Actually, while browsing my Facebook news feed just before sleep I saw one of my Facebook friends had reviewed on Holy Plumbers page. I immediately stumbled upon their official page and found that they provide 24*7 emergency plumbing services in Greater London and its surrounding areas.

A very next minute I phoned this company and explained the issue. They asked for my permission to come right away and I gave them the go-ahead. The repairman was punctual and had a clogged kitchen sink pipe fixed in less than an hour. He appears to have good plumbing skills and gives his job full attention until complete. Being happy with his work I offered him tea but he politely refused my offer explaining he has his next appointment lined up and can’t delay.
Holy Plumbers work wonders for me and I fully recommend this plumbing company to everyone for any of your plumbing needs. I highly appreciate their presence in an emergency!


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