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10 Jul

Emergency Water Pipe Plumbing and Replacement

That was the toughest day for us! On 25th July 2018, my mom and dad finally decided to repair the pipe fitting of our home, which they were planning from almost 2 months. They made a decision in emergency to get water pipe plumbing and replacement damaged underground pipes to update the home’s water piping system. Though it may seem strange, in a few hours they rented a new flat near our town taking help from the internet.

Plumbing Emergency Greater London

Where they both were really happy with their decision, for me and my brother it seems like they are spending a fortune on such replacement because they hired some 24hr emergency local plumbers from Bexley named Holy Plumbers on the reference of our long-distance uncle and the quote plumbers claimed for the plumbing work was really overpriced. However, we packed all our stuff as directed by our parents and shifted to a newly rented apartment.

After 90 days of plumbing and 5 days of continuous shifting, the big day was finally there!

I was surprised to see that there was no leaking water and a blocked drain anywhere. The foul smell of gutters and downpipes has also gone away. Moreover, our upstairs toilet and kitchen sink was no longer clogged. Even the ball valves and water heaters were working perfectly.

At first, I was hesitant with Holy Plumber’s price, but after seeing the work I found their charges genuine enough. We were really impressed with their post plumbing services too as they put on paper booties before they entered our house and laid down plastic so they did not soil the floor or carpet. They were very neat, clean and pleasant.

It’s been a year now, since we had our emergency water pipe plumbing and replacement work done but still, they always return our phone calls and answer our all questions. We would definitely use Holy Plumbers, well-known 24-Hour Plumbers in Bexley again for our next plumbing job and strongly recommend them to others.

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