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How to Fix A Boiler with Leaking Water?
30 May

How to Fix A Boiler with Leaking Water?

Have you ever noticed that your boiler is leaking? Then as soon as you discover a leak, don’t wait to take action to fix a leaking boiler because there could be a serious problem behind this dripping.

However, any type of appliance that circulates the water is prone to leakage, but let’s check the common reasons why boilers leak water.

Why Boilers Leak Water?

• Corrosion
• Pressure Issues
• Damaged Seals
• Poor Installation
• Age (Cracks & Corrosion can occur with age)

What to Do If the Boiler is Leaking Water?

1. Check from Where the Pipe is Dripping:

Initially, it is indeed important to find out where the water is coming out. Boilers have seven pipes below its surface so check which one is leaking in order to inform your plumber accordingly.

You should also examine if the water is coming from the condensate pipe as it may be a loose connection and can be self-fixed.

2. Check When Water Leaks:

Secondly, it is highly recommended to check what happens when the boiler is cold or when it is hot. Is the leakage happening when it is hot and running or when it is off?

Sometimes you will notice that there is no leak when it is hot but will leak again when it starts to cool down. In this situation, get ready to call your emergency plumbing company in London to fix it soon.

3. Is the boiler losing Pressure?

The major issue arises when the pipe that passes outside of the building leaks. It indicates that a pipe needs replacement as soon as possible. It is known as PRV pressure relief valve which is slightly a bigger problem and requires a replacement pressure vessel.

So, this is a detailed guide to fix the leaking boiler. Sometimes you can solve the problem yourself but in case of major problem a highly experienced plumber is required and for that, you can contact Holy plumbers anytime to arrange a convenient time to visit.

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