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12 Jul

Is Your Water Bills Climbing? Find out the Reasons

Have you ever had water bills climbing from usual?

I have had this in the past when I bought my first rental. It was the month of February in the year 2018, when a family of 6 members moved to my 4BD, 2BA apartment as tenants.

Since the family size was large so I expected the water, sewer and electricity bill to be high!

When I was living alone the monthly water bill that I paid every month was £33 and some pence but in Feb, when I had tenants at my place, the water & sewer bill suddenly increased up to £455/month. I was in doubt that there are either more people living there than listed on the lease or may be different people are staying there from time to time. Then I started making periodic visits to see how many people are there.


As soon as I realised that I was wrong about them and why my water bills are climbing, called the emergency plumber in Bromley to identify the source of an excessive water bill. They detected a running toilet in the tenant’s area and a cracked pipe joint in the basement. I asked them to fix both at the earliest. They did but actually screwed up the work by doing a temporary fix up causing more leaking water. We came to know about their carelessness two months later when our bill again shoots up.

I was in huge trouble who to trust in the middle of a repair job.

Then my tenant advised me to call Holy Plumbers. Actually, he was the old client of this company. He explained to me their claims about 24 hours emergency plumbing services in Bromley and all other areas of Greater London.

I phoned them around 1:30 am and was shocked to see their fast availability. They reached my place at 2:00 am and completed the work with great patience in just 3 hours. Even the service was fairly priced and very prompt.

Do you also have a Plumbing Problem?

Trust Holy Plumbers. They are very experienced, knowledgeable, professional, and efficient. Book your plumbing issue now!

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