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27 Nov

How to Save Yourself from a Messy Plumbing Repairs in London

Last April, My Uncle who lives in halstead needed to repair his laundry drain. He was in search for a plumber, so he called nearby plumbing repairs service in London. You could not believe that when he placed a call on the emergency number, no one even bothered to receive or return to the call. He considered it as a terrible customer service ever experienced.

Then he called the second number. They quoted £1200-£1500 for the plumbing repairs job in London that was overpriced. Since the work was urgent, my uncle accepted the fees and asked them to come immediately. When they visited, spent 2 hours on the plumbing issue and as the bill was not itemized my uncle was charged with £2000 plus service charges. Frankly, he didn’t even have a breakdown of what he was being charged or should I say gouged for!

Me and spouse live in Wembley.

A few days after the plumbing job was done, we received a call from my uncle and fortunately, my husband answered that call. My spouse is a certified Plumber and when my uncle discussed the whole matter with him, he was shocked listening to the charges that my uncle had paid because the entire job cost was just around £800 – £900. And to add to this horrendous story, even the piping was not correctly done. All of us were disappointed with the high prices and slipshod work that local plumbing agency had done.

emergency plumbers in greater london

Well, as my husband is also a plumber by profession, he has many contacts with great plumbing repairs companies in London. We used those contacts and got to know about Holy Plumbers. When we contacted the plumbing company, they wanted to have a look at the repair work already done by another plumber. My uncle gave them a go-ahead.

In the very first look, they figured out that the work was not done by a professional plumber and said that they had NEVER, EVER seen anything like what he had done!

However, they re-did the piping so that it would function properly and not cause future problems. It is a trustworthy and skilled plumbing company with exceptionally knowledgeable and helpful technicians. Everyone must call this company for their plumbing needs.

If you find yourself in need with your plumbing or heating, please give Holy Plumbers a call, you won’t regret it!

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