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12 Sep

Things we should not flush down the Toilet

Having a blocked toilet can be a real pain. Not only can it be un-hygienic with standing water, but can also be massive inconvenience with sewage or food waste coming up through the pipes.

Unfortunately, this could be the problem because many people flush down all sorts of common and strange items all the time, without even realizing the damage they’re causing to their property or the environment. Believe it or not, such things are not good for our health, our sewer systems, or our cities’ sanitation budgets.

Want to do your part to solve this problem and saving your few pounds from local plumbing services in Greater London? The first thing to start is by remembering the four Ps: poop, pee, puke, and (toilet) paper as only these are fine for your plumbing.

Rest, here is a list of few things that you should never send down the toilet or even any other pipe.

Cooking oil/ Fats

Oil and fat are heavier than water, so although you flush it after liquefying; at some point, over time they solidify and end up clogging your pipes exactly the same way they clog up your arteries. As long as the fat and oil get stuck in pipes it becomes a costly blockage.

Feminine Products

Tampons, sanitary pads, and other feminine products are a definite no-no. When they come in contact with the moisture, expand and blocks the toilet so try to throw them in the trash.


Never ever flush a condom down the toilet as they don’t degrade in water rather turn into a severe blockage than needs a call to local plumbing services in Greater London. The best place to throw condoms after use is a bin.


Egg-shells are also forbidden. They seem feasible to dispose of but make the problem much worth when tiny particles get collected at one place in pipe. Fortunately, you can do numerous things with eggshells following DIY tips, but flushing it down the sink is not justifiable to them.

Disposable Wipes

Although companies selling wipes market them as flushable and disposable, but actually, they aren’t. Together they create serious problems down the pipe.

Food Stuff (or soup)

We know it’s obvious that everyone has something left on their plate after they’ve finished eating but is it good to flush it down the pipe? Well, no. Rather, you could use a waste disposal unit for your sink to avoid sever smelly blockages.

Bottom Line

All of the things on this list are convenience products that people use in their daily life. And as you’re reading this so we think you would agree that flushing these items is probably a higher chance of blocking your toilet. Also, whenever you will be in a hurry, this article would remind you to throw a few of these in the bin with the hope of securing yourself from big toilet trouble.

However, after paying attention to the list of things if you still found yourself in an unpleasant clogged condition, don’t worry. Call Holy Plumbers, the best Greater London Plumbing Contractors at 0208-8435-333. Our team will take care of it very effectively.

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