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Urgent Plumbing Services in Waltham


 emergency plumber in waltham

On Thursday 29st Nov 2019

Around 8:00 in the morning, a member from our Holy Plumbers booking team received a call from a new number regarding the plumbing emergency. She was in an immediate need of an emergency plumber in Waltham because a tap in her home was not turning off.

Thankfully we had a timeframe of one hour available, so we organized one of our emergency plumbers nearby Waltham to visit the workplace at 8:30 am that same day. Also, our plumber advised the customer over call to turn off her mains water supply to prevent any further wastage of water.

The plumber arrived onsite at exact 8:30 am, with all his plumbing tools and equipment necessary for repair. After the thorough inception of the damage, he suspected that the best solution would be to replace the tap. Our plumber asked the customer to bring a new tap but she advised that particular tap is of no use for her at this point as they were looking to get all the taps replaced in the near future.

The plumber capped off the constantly running tap to ensure the customer would not lose any more water. Our plumber took less than 30 minutes to complete his job. He worked very hard on a very cold day in water using a variety of equipment, to which the customer was opted to pay by cash, gave him tips and ratings as well. After this, we scheduled another work for the plumber and very soon he reached his next work location.

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